Recent years have seen Fort Lauderdale bloom as one of the hottest tourist destinations in Florida, much like its sister cities like Miami and Orlando. The city rose to prominence thanks to its natural and manmade attractions that go a long way to create vibrant nightlife and a myriad of opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Once an underdog in the tourism world, Fort Lauderdale is quickly becoming a hotspot for beach and nature lovers alike. The never-ending sandy shores, paired with world-class restaurants, art and recreation centers, sprawling shopping destinations, and community parks, lend charm to the city. With that in mind, here are some fun things you can do in Fort Lauderdale. 

Explore The Flora and Fauna at Flamingo Gardens

A botanical garden and an Everglades wildlife refuge spanning over 60 acres, Flamingo Gardens is a non-profit organization that aims to serve endangered and injured animals while educating the public. This stunning tropical oasis is home to nearly 250 bird species, 3,000 plants, and many animals like peacocks, panthers, sea otters, alligators, and more. 

The park also features a narrated tram tour which allows visitors to dive into the rich history of native Florida and explore its tropical groves and 200-year-old oak trees. If you want to spend quality time with loved ones in an eclectic natural setting with tons of new things to learn, head to Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. 

A Day Trip to Everglade Park

Brimming with local wildlife, the Floridian Everglades is a prime destination for every nature lover. From turtles, alligators, panthers, and pythons to storks, the park is home to many exotic and endangered animals. A guided airboat ride will take you through the wilderness and the Big Cypress National Reserve if you want to get the most out of your trip to the park. 

Make sure to pack your hiking shoes, as there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the preserve's serenity with expert naturalists. You might even be able to hold a baby alligator if you are brave enough. 

Fort Lauderdale Boat Tours

A boat tour is one of the best ways to get acquainted with your surroundings. A standard cruise lasts about 3 hours and takes keen visitors around the city’s waterways in a large vessel. From sightseeing to fishing charters and more, these specialty boat rides offer a compelling way to explore the rich landscapes. 

You can either bring your food and drinks or enjoy local delicacies at one of the many seaside restaurants. For those who want an immersive experience, a narrated boat tour is the best way to explore the Intracoastal waterways of Fort Lauderdale. 

Shopping Spree At Sawgrass Mills

Nestled in Sunrise, Florida – about a 20-minute drive from downtown – Sawgrass Mills is the largest outlet mall in the nation. A shopping destination like no other, this 350-store complex houses some of the biggest name brands like Target and Nike and luxury-brand stores such as Prada, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch.

Exploring the entire mall will need at least a full day. The mall caters to all kinds of guests, including international travelers. Visitors can avail of the third-party direct shuttle from Fort Lauderdale International Airport or town car services to get to the mall. If you want to grab a bite during your shopping escapade, you can stop by The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza, or Rainforest Cafe. 

Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District

The Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District is home to some of Fort Lauderdale’s most appealing attractions. Spanning 22 blocks, this district is situated along the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale and offers a culmination of restaurants, movie theaters, shops, and more. Whether you are looking for a busy day of shopping, exploring the rich history of Ft Lauderdale, or just want to enjoy a cup of joe by the river, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Some of the top attractions of the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District include the Nova Southeastern University Art Museum, the Florida Grand Opera, Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, and the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society. Additionally, you can enjoy an array of shopping and dining venues at Las Olas Boulevard. 

Kayaking Through The Venetian Isles

While Fort Lauderdale might sport a relaxed and go-with-the-flow vibe, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to get your blood pumping. If you love naturistic activities and want to spend your day out of town, carving through the Venetian Isles in a Kayak is a great way to explore the waterways and mangroves at your pace. Along the way, you can gawk at huge mansions and luxurious yachts or go snorkeling for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. 
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Creativity lies at the heart and soul of Nashville, a city home to some of the most excellent musicians and artists of our time. There is never a shortage of things to do in the music city. From its stimulating music scene to culture, arts, foods, and sports, the town sparks an odyssey that many dreamers chase with their hearts out. 

The streets are ladened with bars, clubs, concert venues, music studios, and more recording platforms than you will ever need to put out a platinum record. Moreover, it is the birthplace of several prominent figures like Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift, adding to the city's rich history. If you are headed to Nashville for a vacation and looking for exciting things to do, here are a few ideas that should be on your bucket list. 

Music Row

Music Row is one of the most prominent streets in Nashville, packing an array of record labels, recording stations, music studios, and headquarters of music companies. It offers a deep dive into the thriving music scene of Nashville with the help of tours and other lucrative opportunities. From RCA’s famed studios to the headquarters of The Country Music Association, there are many historical sites to be explored in the neighborhood. 

Due to being centrally located, Music Row provides proximity to many good restaurants and stores that can add to the fun while you are here. With many avenues named after celebrities, a game of ‘spot the star’ can be a fun way to explore the neighborhood and learn more about the history of the music city. 

Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park is a stomping ground for fun lovers looking to spend quality time with their friends and family in a lively atmosphere. It offers excellent views of the river and a festive atmosphere. Be it in or out of the water; you will find plenty of opportunities to cool off during summer days here. 

Those who fancy outdoor plays and live music can head to the theater that hosts concerts throughout the year. Besides multiple locations to gaze at the Cumberland River, the park offers plenty of bike paths and climbing structures for those who’d like to shed some calories. Whether you are on a romantic date or looking for a fun day out with kids, Cumberland Park is an excellent destination for a Tennessee Vacation. 


Spanning several neon-lit blocks, Broadway is the pulse of the music city. It is peppered with bars, clubs, stores, theaters, hotels, and tourist attractions, as far as the eye can see. This neighborhood exudes the rich history of Nashville in every regard. You can enjoy a day of shopping, dining, and sightseeing or hop on a tram and explore the streets. 

Broadway lies at the heart of all the action, so if you are looking for a fun day out with your friends or a romantic night out on a rooftop bar, this is where you want to be. However, the night is when things get exciting. You can watch the neighborhood become a festive celebration of music and art. 

Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

If you are a science fanatic or just like all things space, visiting one of the biggest astronomy centers in Tennessee should be on your list. Located atop one of Nashville’s tallest peaks, the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory is one of the fascinating attractions the city has to offer. Guided tours and limited telescope access are open to all who visit the observatory. 

To instill a passion for science and technology in the public interest, the observatory holds many activities such as summer camps, telescope nights, narrated tours, teacher workshops, lectures, and more. The observatory also connects with students through art by combining live musical performances with celestial wonders. 

Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake is the perfect destination to take in the gorgeous vistas that Tennessee has to offer. Crystal-clear waters that hug the sandy shores and jagged rocks leave an everlasting imprint on those who come here. There is an abundance of wildlife and activities to explore if you fancy observing animals in their natural habitat. 

Special laws protect the lake, so swimming is prohibited, but you can sign up for supervised boat tours in the springtime. You will need advanced permissions to visit the lake, so plan accordingly and call the visitor’s center if this is your first trip. 

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

If you are a fan of country music, visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum should be on top of your list of destinations in Nashville. This worldwide gem boasts one of the largest collections of music on the planet and doubles up as a distinctive hallmark of Tennessee. You can spend the day taking pictures, plaques, and memorabilia or go to the theater to watch archived footage of famous artists and their performances. 

There are many famous sites to explore, such as the historic RCA Studio B, where talented artists like Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton have recorded their music. If you are putting together a list of vacation ideas, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must – and for all the good reasons!
Whether you are looking for adrenaline-fuelled concerts or low-key nature retreats, Nashville has something for everyone. That said, becoming a host for vacationers in Nashville is a relatively simple process and takes only a few quick steps. If you need any assistance along the way, reach out to Chady Property Management. We will help you get familiar with the vacation rental ordinances and set you up for success. Get in touch with our team to learn more, or get started!